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Better Rankings And More New Business

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Better Rankings And More New Business

Do it once. Do it well. Differentiation. Competitive advantage.

SEO Liverpool? Everyone gets the key benefit of SEO – better search rankings for more website traffic and more (and better!) leads.

What happens behind the scenes is not so common knowledge.

If you want your website to have any sort of visibility, if you want work from people who have no idea who you are until they come across you online – it’s something you’ll need to get working to your advantage.

SEO goes way beyond search engine results. It’s about looking at how your website performs as a whole – its content, how well the site functions, how popular and well-visited it is (or isn’t).

All of these areas are indication of a website’s performance – they’re the factors rewarded with high search rankings.

So we integrate SEO into pretty much everything we do for our clients online with methods and strategies bespoke to your business, your requirements and your market.

Our approach is to build sustainable, long term visibility.

It’s a fire that needs constant fuel. It’s not a quick fix.

We stay away from short cuts as they’re usually penalised and damaging in the long run.

It’s also a moving beast. Local SEO, mobile-first, semantic search, position zero.

Whatever the latest ranking factor or SEO goal, we’re on top of that for you.

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An Example SEO Project

Instead of having us talk about ourselves, why don’t we see what we have done for Enterprise Tax Consultants.

Enterprise Tax Consultants based in Cheshire came to us after having a ‘nightmare’ with a web design freelancer (not worth the hassle – trust us!). On investigation we found the the website the freelancer had created was poorly designed, technically inefficient and none of the content was optimised for search engines (and they couldn’t get hold of the freelancer ever again!).

Our solution

We rebuilt the Enterprise Tax website from scratch. Made it fast and technically efficient. Our content team then spent a week researching the tax service lines customers were searching for online and we wrote over 50 pages (1500 words per page!) of optimised service line text (heavy technical tax stuff!).  We then launched the new site in January 2018. We carried on writing new tax related content and socially sharing the material including outreaching to tax and accountancy related publications.

The results

The new Enterprise Tax website went from 30 visitors a day to over 600 visitors a day within the course of 5 months.

The phone started to ring (a lot!) and the conversion of new enquiries online into fee paying work went from zero to £10,000 per month.Yup an additional £10k a month from a one-off £5000 spend.

From having almost zero online visibility – they also increased their visibility levels against their nearest competitors to nearly 6% across their chosen keywords.

They also hit number 1 spot for ‘Tax Consultants’ in Google search.

Our Thinking Behind SEO

Do it once. Do it well. Differentiation. Competitive advantage.

It’s all in the data

Research, many hours drilling through and making sense of data, unearths insights and gives us a solid basis on which to build solid SEO strategies.

We use this to inform site structure, content writing and wider digital marketing.

We’re looking to source keywords, understand search intent and define the online market to target.

Optimised content

Writing for search is no mean feat. It takes skill to produce copy that serves two core purposes – it has to be picked up by search engines for ranking and also has to read well and engage site visitors.

We fully integrate our content production with SEO efforts. Content comes from our SEO research and is determined by keywords.

We understand SEO best practice for, including semantics and matching intent of searchers.

Showcase your product benefit or service expertise while. It needs to perform. Be sticky, keep them on your site and persuade to do what you want.

Remember user experience

The site has to be easy and intuitive to use. Websites come without instructions , they rely on user intuition, expectation and past experience – which takes a lot of experience on our part ot know what works and to stay attune to making changes if something isn’t working. It’s an ongoing process, particularly as new functionality becomes available or online behaviours change.

Mobile-friendly and super fast

Mobile-friendly websites are being rewarded with increasing online visibility. So your site should take account of this.

We build sites that are logical and easy to use on mobiles. While the experience may be different on a smaller screen, performance is no less – the impact and needs are equally satisfied.

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